Notes from a Tuscan kitchen

Market day transforms the Piazza Matteotto in Greve into a sea of umbrellas, sheltering trestle tables laden with wicker baskets overflowing with locally grown fruit and vegetables, plus the freshest eggs, goat’s cheese, rye bread, and most importantly, ridiculously inexpensive truffles!

Faced with such an abundance of riches, we boycotted the local trattorias for a few days to instead take turns pottering in our rustic kitchen, and serving up on the terrace, in no particular order;

Baby green beens with garlic and toasted pine nuts

Proscuitto tortellini with fresh parsley and truffle sauce

Bruschetta with garlic, tomato, red onion and basil

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with burnt butter, sage and lemon

Insalata caprese with buffalo mozzarella, basil, tomato and aged balsamic

Scrambled eggs with truffles and parsley

Angel hair pasta with truffle cream sauce

A particularly lovely find too were the fresh figs we discovered growing in the garden by the pool, huge, juicy, dark purple fruit, warmed by the afternoon sun. We wasted no time getting them onto a plate with some proscuitto, a perfect partner for a glass of Prosecco whilst we watched the men lovingly tend their new favorite passion, the charcoal BBQ, this time for a mixed grill.

We may never leave!

One thought on “Notes from a Tuscan kitchen

  1. Oh, the word and visual pictures are killing me!!!!
    Here we are languishing in the worst winter we have had for years–temp. today has not reached double digits!
    AND we still don’t know who is going to govern us. Interesting though.

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