Welcome to GASTRONOMEL, a blog dedicated to all things delicious.

Join us for breakfast, coffee, dinner, or a glass of vino any time! This is a guilt-free, low-calorie way to sample the best our fair city has to offer.

Doing the leg-work for you, volunteering our services as your gourmet guinea-pigs, trying and testing food from Melbourne and beyond.

With a passion for sustainability, organic produce and sourcing of fresh local ingredients, we take you with us wherever we go, searching out the tastiest treats for your enjoyment, all served fresh and with an extra dash of humour.

Sharing eating and drinking experiences, and maybe even a recipe or two, you’re welcome on our food journey!

Buon appetito!


If you’d like to see more of GastronoMel, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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